Teen Studio

Teen Studio


By Ballycastleclimbingframes

Teens overtaking your house?

Having friends around is obviously good for their social life, but sometimes you like having your own space to chill in the living room. You’ve maybe thought about adding expansions to the house in the first place and you’ve had enough of the overcrowding. Perhaps its time to look at the Teen Studio


At Ballycastle Climbing Frames, we strive to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. That’s why, if you’re having these issues, we can offer our Summerhouse Teen Studio to help you


This Teen Studio can act as a games room for the avid gamer in the house, 0r as a study if they want a quieter place. As well as this, you could also turn your studio into a fitness suite, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. The Studio also comes with a storage section at the side, leaving a place to put the garden tools away. The customisation is yours to create a safe space! Our Design team can make recommendations on interior styles best suited to compliment your project.


Summer House Studio – 17×10

Why stop there? Customise your garden to be more child friendly by adding a trampoline Trampolines Archives – Ballycastle Climbing


Get in touch to talk about your garden project!




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